Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Poco a Poco

I leave for the airport to welcome my house guest at 6 pm. Until then I am making a mad dash between cleaning, hooking, planning, anticipating. This is what the rug looks like as of noon. I think I've figured out that one of my faux pas was using rug weight wool. Much too heavy and difficult to pull through the backing. But it is really beautiful too so I am living with it. Ok, that's it. Lights out until Sunday.


Ro Bruhn said...

This is fabulous Judy, you're progressing so well, maybe I'll send you mine to finish (only joking, I've almost got the bug again to finish it, once my weekend workshops are over, although I'll probably be making Nina jewellery and deMeng rusty relics)

Alexandra S said...

Oh my that rug is just beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am catching up today and have missed your posts and your art-it makes me happy just looking at it! Hope you and your guest are having a wonderful time together this weekend,

Heather said...