Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Like Watching Grass Grow

This is some slow going, friends. Due to my inexperience, most of the wool I purchased was far too thick for what I am doing so I have to use the pliers and pokers more than I should need to. On Monday I did not yet have a rug hook and so I hooked all of the stitches in the top photo with the bent paper clip in the photo which was the only tool I could touje out of my existing supplies. Not too comfortable to hook with.

By Tuesday I had located a wonderful store in Hillsboro that I drove to (about an hour away from my house) and there I purchased a beautiful little hook that should make things go easier if not faster. I am having so . much . fun. I love making this project.


Mary Stanley said...

Love your wonderful rug! YOu are a natural! Great cat! Glad you found a good hook...can't imagine how you did it with a paper clip!

His Office, My Studio said...

Your rug is turning out great! The paper clip may have worked but I bet you had to work harder. Enjoy the new hook.

Anonymous said...

wow thats dedication to use a paper clip! it is turning out wonderfully!!


Amy Stoner said...

Looks very cool so far! I can't wait to see the finished piece! :)

DeBD said...

Your rug is going to be beautiful -- great design. That hook looks lovely (I use one very similar), just make sure to push the shank in all the way to make a nice big hole for the thick fabric to come up through. I've seen some unusual hooks in the past few years, but I've never seen a bent-paperclip used! You are one dedicated ho0ker :)