Friday, February 16, 2007

The Face

Yesterday and today I hooked her face, hair and the flower above. I so long to continue but I am making myself stop after only several hours. Trying to use all my ergonomic knowledge to take care of my hands. I think the cow painting is done too but want to stare at it a little longer before I share. Sometimes I don't see it all immediately after finishing; I like to look at it under different lighting conditions (at different times of the day) and kind of sneak up on it and catch myself by surprise in looking at it. That way I see it afresh and any weirdness pops out. You definitely don't want to see my weirdness.

4 comments: said...

Your mat is coming along beautifully! Don't fret, yes, it takes hours, but the more you do, the faster you go, eventually you will be there. A rhythm develops, like anything.

A point about the hand issues: does your frame allow swivelling? I know you are trying different hooks, but if you have a frame that can tilt, good seating and light, it makes a world of difference to the hands and wrists, not to exclude the back and neck.

Chris in AZ

Abby Creek Art said...

Really beautiful, Judy. I always have to do the same thing with my paintings...put them up and keep looking at them for a day or two before I finish them. It's definitely a good "weirdness" exposure system!

DJ said...

Judy, this continues to amaze me... and I can't wait to see the cow painting! I had a Hereford cow named Amanda when I was in 4-H, and we won grand champion in showmanship when I was about 16. I still have my trophy. And I still adore those sweet faces and long eyelashes.

Judy Wise said...

To Chris in AZ - I think part of my problem is that I do not have a frame. The $$$ and also that it is one more thing to trip over when I need to be downsizing. However, I am rethinking my logic here.