Monday, October 16, 2006

The Book Launch Party

Sunday my daughter Shellie and I drove north for four hours to Port Orchard, Washington to attend the launch party for Christmas in Old Tascosa. This is the first book I have illustrated and I think is turned out beautifully, a little gem of a book and a beautiful story of the triumph of hope over the trials of poverty during the 1930's. Casandra Firman is the author and the true story was told to her by her mother. This is Casandra signing books at the party.

Eating, drinking, talking, listening to live music, enjoying the spectacular views of the bay. Friends and neighbors came from near and far to congratulate Casandra and wish the book success.

Casandra reading from the book. We all wanted more. The lives of the people in the story living in the dust bowl days are so different from ours today.

A pensive moment for me - looking out over the bay and thinking about the luxuries we enjoy and how recently people were hungry in this country and frantic to feed their children and provide them with even the most basic needs.

If you look back to the corner you can see dear Shellie patiently standing while I sign books too and take this photograph of her.

It was a very rewarding day and one I will always remember. Collaborating with other artists and helping each other manifest our dreams is the best thing we could ever experience.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


I know it was a wonderful day for you... reflecting on your accomplishment!


katie said...

congratulations on the book judy!!
you were in my neck of the woods - port orchard is about 30 minutes from where i live.

i am SOOOO wanting to drive down to Portland to take your reverse painting class. I'm trying to arrange it so I can, i think it's doable as it's only a 3 hour drive each way. as soon as I know for sure, I'll sign up.

I'm working with Diane now to teach a workshop in January - I'm so excited!

dolceamara said...

Judy, how absolutely marvelous it is to live a little bit of your life vicariously! And what a dream project this must have been, both for you and the author! If I ever write a book, I want you to be my illustrator, too. Well, I can dream, can't I ? :-)

Art said...

I'm from the Panhandle of Texas (Amarillo) and went to Texas Tech University (Lubbock). I'm looking forward to getting a copy of the book and seeing your illustations.