Monday, July 17, 2006

Reverse paintings

These little guys are painted on the reverse side of archival acrylic (mylar) sheet. The one of the vase was then placed over a sheet of paste paper that I made which gives it an undertexture that doesn't show up very well in the photo. I was experimenting with drawing slowly and intuitively in waterproof ink directly on the mylar. Then I painted acrylic over the drawing and flipped the mylar. So the colors are very vivid. You need to enlarge this first one to see the paste paper detail. I love a small vase with a sassy attitude.

The second one is of a subject I love; woman cuddling kitty who knows how to get everything in the world out of its smitten owner. Humans are pretty smart but cats really have the inside line on how to get their needs met. I call this one "Catbird Seat". It is a reverse painting on mylar also but with only a white back board.

Have done a couple dozen of these little paintings in the last 2 days. I just sit quietly at my drawing table and put my head down and float away. The ideas come often only after the pen starts moving. The first line suggests the second and so on. It is a free and zany way to work and you always discover things you did not previously know. I dont always work this way but on the little sketches I often do. OK, back to the studio.


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Judy! I'm so glad you've started a blog! And thanks for leaving me a comment -- that was a lovely surprise. I love your work! I think I first bought some magnets from you at an art festival about five years ago -- Lake Oswego, maybe? My mom has some of your prints, too, and we love them. I'm looking forward to reading back over your previous posts too. I love connecting with other artists this way!

sassybead said...

Oh goody, I'll look for you at Bellevue, so I can meet you! Are you in the garage area, or the Rest of the Best? Bring your ice block again - it's supposed to be a hot weekend...

Judy Wise said...

Yikes, more desert survival! My space is #P-08 under the garage area (whew, in the shade). I look forward to meeting you.

And I too love connecting with other artists via their blogs. We work in isolation so it is the one way we can broaden our horizons from the studio.