Friday, April 14, 2006

Artist at play

Two years ago I painted my worry wart on a lightbulb. The lightbulb was burned out, was "used up", was a surface to play with. She is painted in acrylic and then dipped upside down in verathane and hung out to dry. Now she stares out at me from one of the many brush containers on my painting table. Eventually I think she will find her way into an assemblage of some sort. She frets for me so I am free to play.


Marla said...


I just love you!! I very much admire your writing skill. I always wish I could articulate things and am frustrated by my inability to do so. I think that's why I such a visual person. But look! You do both. No fair.

Your site is also very beautiful. A visual feast. I'll share with others, if you don't mind. See you in June and maybe at Costco.

Jonna Anderson said...

Judy - I LOVE this worry wart! What a great idea. Being a seasoned worry wart from way back, I can relate. What a fun idea - I see a new project looming on the horizong! Thanks for sharing!

Love ya,
jonna :)

Rella said...

MAY I JUST SAY.......YOU ARE SUCH A CREATIVE MERMAID!!! Perhaps we should all (who worry) create a worry wort on a burnt out bulb. Make us think a little and toss our silly and not so silly cares away. ~ Amazed ~ Rella