Monday, November 24, 2008

Filling the Well

My friend phoned this morning and the conversation turned to filling the creative well after a period of heavy withdrawals. You know how it goes. We tap and tap into that well of energy, ideas and enthusiasm until it becomes depleted. At some point we have to rest and sit quietly with the things that give life richness and purpose. Because these are the very things that feed our joy and from them arise new growth.

Winter is the natural time for quiet renewal. Walking in nature is one way I rest my thoughts. This foggy autumn I feel like I'm living in a watercolor painting by an artist of great mastery (and a limited palette!).

Yesterday, after a morning walk with DH, several hours of playing in Paper Clay (I'll save that for a later post), John and I dressed and drove the short distance to the home of Allegra and Barry. Some of you know Allegra from her blog and her jewelry. Some of you know about her fairy tale life story that started in Argentina and spanned South America, Europe and beyond. I won't tell her secrets but suffice it to say she is a thrilling human being and oh-my-tastebuds can the woman cook. (can you say Le Cordon Bleu?)

I tried to photograph our hosts and their hilarious puppies but no one could sit still with the dogs jumping, running and bouncing off of every lap and surface. It was a joyful time and I felt my well filling with every delight that was on offer.

Beautiful faces, warm hugs, friends with fascinating stories to tell, good food, an evening of sensual delight and kindness.

No one raised an eyebrow when I pulled out my intrusive camera to bring back a report for my bloggy friends and so here it is.

After olives stuffed with anchovies and assorted starters, pisco sours, pumpkin soup with creme fraiche, lamb with chanterelle mushrooms, baby carrots, orzo and bread we had lemon tarts with raspberries and cream. Really, I'm sorry to do this to you. I know it's cruel. But as a clueless cook myself I was slack-jawed at the effortless presentation. I so admire someone who can entertain and visit at the same time without a visit to the emergency room to have a thumb sewed back on.

After our lovely evening we drove home again in the fog with full tummies and full hearts. I know many of us are preparing for gatherings with loved ones in a few days and I want to wish all of you sustenance of the body and spirit. Give thanks and friendship and all will be well.


Meri said...

The foggy photos are fabulous. Doesn't fog lend an air of mystery and quietude? I love looking out my windows toward the pond when there's fog, especially when it's just hovering over the water and a sunrise is breaking about the trees on the far side. It always amazes me with its beauty.

Anonymous said...

What sumptuous, lovely photos. I think what you say is very true. Whether it is in art or work or anything that consumes a lot of time and energy, it is so important to remember none of us is one-dimensional, and our different parts need nurturing and recharging. It's easy to forget.

Friends, food, laughter, pets, and fog...what a wonderful palette for the heart and spirit.

I love your work and I always enjoy reading and immersing in your beautiful images.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

mmm, pisco sour...i haven't had one of those in ages!

Your dreams you told me about in your comment sound tumultuous! My water dreams are very peaceful usually. I'm usually in the ocean, swimming with the sea lions! :) Or i'm penguin sitting on an iceberg. haha!

have a wonderful thanksgiving. I, for one, am grateful for crossing paths with you. xo, bri

Pilar said...

I love how you share your world with the rest of us...your pictures are always a delight to the eyes. Yes, winter is a time for renewal and filling up the ol' creative well. Thank you for the gentle reminder that sleep is nature's salve.

Anonymous said...

I need these people as friends too....
Your misty photos and plates of yummies are so enticing.
I think of you often and am so glad to be sharing Raevn 's Nest with you again next year! Yippee do dah!
Love to you,

Michele R. Unger said...

Pisco sours???? Oh, Judy, you kill me with pisco sours! I haven't had a really good one since Cusco (the Belliago Hotel in Vegas "thinks" they make a pisco sour,!!! Well, if I couldn't have it, I'm glad you got to imbibe.