Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bitten by the Assemblage Bug

Mwah ha ha ha. What could be more fun than rummaging around in a pile of garbage and creating order and weirdness. In an art discussion last week a friend suggested that all of these creations might not actually be (ahem) ART. Well, is having fun an art? Is expressing your passion an art? Is enjoying life with your friends an art?

You know I think it is. The art of joining in, of being willing to be brave when others might scoff - the art of trying new things that seem strange at first. The art of foolishness and dada. You either get it or you dont. And that's okay too. I love it that we all have a point of view.

I loved the comment Judy left on my last post; "Welcome to the world of rust and junk. Glad you could join us freaks." It made me smile a lot. I am glad to be in the land of rust and freaks. Maybe I always have been.

Now I can't wait to get to the Dollar Store and 2nd hand store to score those little bits of things that delight me. I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

After 4 days the gel is still not dried in Oregon. Ack! I've held the heat gun on it so long that it actually started bubbling. Still wet. Next time plaster or caulk which always dries overnight for me. I bring with me my palette of sherbet colors. Peach, apricot, melon and lime. The food palette.

Finally a use for those burned out little bulbs and blown car fuses. And springs!! Don't even get me started on springs. Thank goodness John has a shop full of junk.

I saw the first dandelion blooming outside so spring for me is officially here. Lots brewing in the cauldron - and heads up - time to sign up for Art and Soul Portland and Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. Go to Nina's blog and read about Squam; you'll want to go there if you can.

This morning I filled the last page of this particular journal. Time to say good-bye to my therapist and friend. I did gesso stencils on the last page and consoled myself for looking my age. It felt good to hold my own hand and assure myself that life still holds much promise.

In case you can't read the caption on the image that shows a fork in the road, the sign on the left says, "same old shit" and the sign on the right reads "crazy new shit". You know which road I'll take. Every time. Now go make art.


Dayna Collins said...

Judy, it was such a treat being in Leighanna's class with you on Sunday. I loved seeing your finished pieces - and yes, yes, yes to fuses and springs! I love this project because it gives me a grand purpose for my drawers and bins of rusty treasures. Dayna

Kelly Kilmer said...

Ah, but how can it not be art when one puts so much of her heart and soul into it?

Karen Cole said...

Boy, did I ever smile when I went to your blog today. You just throw caution to the wind and go for it, in everything that you do. I just LOVE all of those do-hickeys all put together.

Tell those old fARTS that are so up tight about "what is art?" to relax and enjoy life, like the ever youthful Judy Wise.

Is Wise your maiden name or your married name? I would say that you are aptly named for sure.

Jan said...

I could look at your journals all day...they're so rich! I know you make them yourself...what are the dimensions and how many pages are there in each volume? Do you vary that from journal to journal? They're wonderful.

Carolyn said...

Hi Judy,
your assemblege looks like so much fun... I'll bet you just "get lost" while you are working on it.
Love your fork in the road!!!

Anonymous said...

How could these not be art? I can't imagine presuming to tell another person what is and isn't art. Assemblage ART is most definately an art form. While it may not be a fine art, like oil painting or whatnot, it is still art none the less.

*steps off soapbox*

Your art here looks totally fabulous! I love the houses there. I just bought a bunch of soldering tools myself and am on the brink of jumping in on this, just a little scared off by the cold cold weather outside (my man says i can't use the butane torch in the living room haha). I'm in idea gathering mode. Your gorgeous house art has been added to the peculating blend in my mind. :) Thanks for sharing


Kelly Snelling said...

yay! you are coming my way! i'm the mayor of the loud town called "wacky nutty shit". if you keep heading down crazy new shit road, you'll run into it eventually. hee, hee. i think your assemblages Rock! and your journal pages are BeAUtiful!

Anonymous said...

art schmart. who cares what it's called? we're all going to forget the names of things sooner or later anyway.
digging these junky, light bulby, bottle cappy, chunky assemblages. yabba dabba dooooooooo judy blue ba dooooooo.

Savannah said...

Goodness, these assemblage pieces are wonderful, Judy. And YES! (I scream) they are MOST CERTAINLY art! Let's never suggest otherwise...
Hugs, Shari

ginny said...

I love the goopy goodness of your assemblage piece. It looks interesting and artsy, but then that is what we expect of you. The book looks like a touch-me book, one that beckons the hand to rub over it again and again.

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow your assemblage looks good enough to eat Judy.
I love all those thick lashings of colour. I buy packets of biros very cheap and take them apart for the springs which I use in my jewellery.
Your finished journal look a treat.

Becky Vigor said...

Hey this is fabulous. I love the way you took the assemblage by storm and gave it your own twist. I get tired of seeing "vintage" assemblage everywhere and love the way you used your own palette of colours. Yep, I'm heading for crazy new shit too, always, every time! Couldn't say that a few years ago.