Monday, June 25, 2007

Lake Oswego Art Fair

Here we are in the beautimous park in Lake Oswego, under the towering firs at another art fair. My booth was arranged with two open sides until the third day of the show when rain forced a regrouping. So here is the booth on the first day. Weather: overcast and threatening. Mood: elevated.

On Sunday Lisa Kaus and her great (and funny!) kids and hubby came for a visit. Lisa's work has been in all the magazines lately and over the internet too; she is a ball of energy, good juju and talent. Be sure to put her blog on your list if you haven't already. She will inspire you to get to it.

This beautiful poodle-girly kissed me smack on the lips before I knew what was happening. Fresh and friendly! Check out the pink toenails. She be stylin'.

Here is one of the nicest men on the planet. Already taken by one of the nicest women. Leonard Tinnell and his wife Katie from Missoula make and market this incredible glass art. Their business name is Mercurial Arts. I've been lucky enough to have my booth right across from theirs at this show for about 5 years now and it is one of the reasons I love this fair. (Pictures of the after-fair party with Leonard and Katie will follow.) Over a year ago I flew to Missoula to attend a painting and collage workshop with my favorite artist, Inez Storer. I slept soundly under a feather duvet at Katie's house during that experience; we had late night girl talk parties and made treasured memories together. Love the wine and talk parties with the girl friends.

I've known Gail Pendergrass for at least half my life. Go to her site and admire her lovely work, please. She is airbrushing colored glaze onto her pieces. I love that look. Mmmm, creamy and yummy. Take a lesson from her display too. The draperies and color. Tasty.

A fresh tatoo of Betty Boop. Very sweet, no? Recently the Portland Police Department relaxed their rule about not employing anyone with tatoos. They have become ubiquitous and no longer denote prison time.

Birdhouses from found objects and wood. David Britton sells out at every show; his assemblages are so clever and fun. And he has a website!

Beth Lyons is an extraordinarily versatile painter. She is one of my favorite abstract painters and paints realistic work as well; furthermore, they share space in her booth quite comfortably. I didn't find a website but you can see more of her work here.

This girl's friends stopped dead in their tracks to remark on the similarity between her face and the face I painted on "New Boots". All I could say to explain it was that I was painting the prettiest face I could and it happened to be just like this young woman. Ah, youth! That distant land.

Mary Naylor is a prolific ceramicist and amazing painter. See the rocks that look like they're balanced on her head? That is one of a series of rock paintings she has done. How many people do you know who can paint a pile of rocks and make them look good? Mary is one of those people. She is great fun and another lover of Mexico and the influence of Mexican art. She tells me her next step is to close down the ceramic business that she has very successfully done and to turn her hand to painting full time. This will be a woman to watch.

I've shown you my friend Terry McIlrath before but realized I hadn't really shown you his paintings very well. They are just wonderful. Color, texture, charm and joy; his work is a reflection of his kind and thoughtful self. If you go to his website I'm pretty sure there's a pirate there who will make you smile. Terry, I love that one.

And YAY, Sue Zell has finally put up a website for her tuffets line of upholstered furniture. I get more hits from people searching for Sue than anyone else I've featured; treat yourself to her beautiful new site. Your mouth will drop open. Ideas will flow. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Just a typical family out with the baby in a stroller. Love the doggies. Want a little one. Hubby say "ack".

Maia Leisz is a natural talent. She was my next door neighbor and laughs as much as I do; we formed a hyena squad between ourselves, being excited about materials, experiments, ideas, plans for the future. All the work in her booth was landscape but when I went to her site I found beautiful portraits too. Check it out.

Big brown poodle with no eyes that I could discern. Very dignified. A non-kisser.

So we packed out on Sunday night and repaired to Ricardo's Hideaway for the after-show party and swapping of war stories. Here Rick is swabbing the meat with marinade while the DH looks on approvingly. We like to eat and party. heh heh.

Here it is, kids. We love the reds. Rick has put in some special fun varieties for our amusement and enjoyment. Yes, they were both very good.

Here are the girls after a few sips doing some weird kind of white-girl dance or is it calesthetics? Me, Amy and Katie.

Katie and Amy, looking more dignified. Everyone has to drive back to Missoula in the morning but tonight we par-tay.

I'll close with a view of the table with the delectable meal that Rick has prepared for us. This is the holiest of times - when friends who love each other gather and share food and drink. Thank you, Rick, for providing the stage for our gathering. I'm feeling such connection to all of my friends. To the ones who visited me at the fair, the ones who live afar and the ones who are reading this right now. Hold my hand. We are one.


Goddess of Leonie said...


your blog posts (and life)
are a cornucopia of delight.

thank you :)

Ro Bruhn said...

What a great collection of artwork Judy, you certainly lead the good life, art and parties with friends, what a way to go. Thanks for sharing

katie said...

what a great photo tour with commentary of your oswego art adventure. i agree with ro - you DO lead the good life, and rightfully so! you had me buckled in laughter over the doggie with pink toenails, -no-eyed-dog, and the jumping girlfriends after a sip. i loved seeing the kinds of things you see and pick out to share with us - i feel i'm taking a little helicopter ride in judy's head :-)
xoxoxoxo mwhahhhhh!!!

Deb said...

Thanks for introducing us to even more dynamic souls & fantastic artwork. If I could, I'd grab a glass of wine & join you in that silly dance. A good time was had by all, and we get to SHARE it!


liz elayne said...

i love to read about your experiences at these art fairs... it just fills me up and takes me on an adventure almsot as if i was there. just love it.

and the joy that comes is as though i got to sit down for tea with you and listen to your wise words and fantastic laughter!

Abby Creek Art said...

Great pics, Judy. I especially like David Britton and his beautiful birdie houses...and that brown poodle! What a hippy dog...I love it!

Amy Stoner said...

Looks like it was another wonderful year! yay!
Thanks for the sweet comment in my blog and yes, I would absolutely LOVE to know about a wax group...mmmm...beeswax!

Cheryl Prater said...

How fun to be Judy Wise: Cracker-Jack reporter. Thanks to your excellent photojournalism and commentary, I toured Lake Oswego from my desk today - a little mental break from the day job. Thanks for taking me.

I want you to know that I love your "Absinth Fairy" I printed her out for inspiration. I also love your friend Katie Kendrick. Jane and I tried to keep her here in the south, but couldn't tie her down. The grandkids are too big a pull.

Best. Cheryl

Catherine Witherell said...

You are sweet, very funny and such a romantic. A great model for us all!

Bronwyn said...

Thank-you for all the interesting photos & links. I love your art booth. Would you please comment on my art markets blog post with tips for displaying art at art markets/fairs? Thank-you, it's good to learn from those with experience.